ANOVET® Cheval Hay


ANOVET® CHEVAL HAY is a ready to use solution for disinfection of feed and hay for horses.


ANOVET® CHEVAL HAY is used wherever mold or other microbial loads in feed and hay are identified or any suspicion of contamination exists.


ANOVET® CHEVAL HAY is free of alcohol, solvents, aldehyde, dyes, perfumes, as well as preservatives. The application of ANOVET® CHEVAL HAY improves feed and hay usage and reduces any required medication for the horses. It distinguishes itself through its biological composition as well as its absolute compatibility.


ANOVET® CHEVAL HAY is specifically effective against bacteria (among others enterobacteria, sporulates) as well as against fungi and their spores (among others Wallemia spp., Acremonium spp., Cladosporium spp.), independent from possible resistance.


ANOVET® CHEVAL HAY therefore significantly reduces any microbial loads that have negative effects on stomach, liver, intestines, and lung, during the intake of feed. The risk of colic’s through the intake of contaminated feed is mitigated, as well as the mold and spores load in the respiratory passages of horses suffering from chronic lung disease. ANOVET® CHEVAL HAY decomposes after its application into its natural ingredients through electro-chemical activation.



ANOVET® CHEVAL HAY is sprayed onto and mixed into the feed 5 minutes before feeding, or directly applied onto the prepared hay. The desired disinfection is effective immediately.


Dosage Recommendation:

Succulent feed: 15 ml per kg (0.23 fl.oz. per lb) of feed

Compound feed: 20 ml per kg (0.31 fl.oz. per lb) of feed

Rough and concentrated feed: 25 ml per kg (0.38 fl.oz. per lb) of feed


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