ANOVET® Cheval Stable


ANOVET® CHEVAL STABLE is a ready to use substance for the disinfection of stables, horse-boxes, horse trailers and -transporters, and other surfaces horses are regularly in direct contact with.

When stables and horse-boxes are shared by multiple horses within a short period of time – such as during events – and in regions with lower hygiene standards the risk of contamination exists, ANOVET® CHEVAL STABLE offers an effective solution for disinfection and prevention against infection and diseases.


ANOVET® CHEVAL STABLE is free of solvents, alcohol, aldehyde, or dyes, perfumes, as well as preservatives. It distinguishes itself through its biological composition as well as its absolute compatibility and is therefore harmless to horses, people, or the environment.


ANOVET® CHEVAL STABLE’s range of effectiveness encompasses bacteria (gram-positive & gram-negative; among others enterococcus & staphylococcus, enterobacteria & pseudomonas) including mycobacteria (among others bovine tuberculosis), fungi and spores (among others Aspergillus & Candida as well as Bacillus cereus spores) as well as Viruses (enveloped & non-enveloped viruses, and others, Herpes- and Parvovirus), independent from possible resistance.


ANOVET® CHEVAL STABLE therefore significantly reduces any microbial loads that have negative effects on the health or the wellbeing of the horse. Emphasis should be made on its effectiveness against antibiotic-resistant bacteria strains (e.g. MRSA, ORSA, VISA, VRSA) as well as ESBL. ANOVET® Cheval Stable decomposes after its application into its natural ingredients through electro-chemical activation.



ANOVET® CHEVAL STABLE is sprayed onto the surface that requires disinfection. Within 15 minutes the microbial load is eliminated and the stable box as well as any other treated surfaces can be used.


Dosage Recommendation:

For each square meter of surface use 50 ml (0.16 fl.oz. each sq ft) of ANOVET® CHEVAL STABLE. Therefore a single stable box (12 sq m / 130 sq ft) requires only 1.25 to 2 liters (0.33 to 0.53 gal.) of ANOVET® CHEVAL STABLE.


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