ANOVET® Cheval Water


ANOVET® CHEVAL WATER is a ready to use solution for disinfection of the horse’s trough water and of general purpose water.


ANOVET® CHEVAL WATER is optimized to the needs of horses and their riders with regard to the product’s effectiveness and its easy usage. Especially in countries with lower trough and general purpose water quality standards or known contamination, ANOVET® CHEVAL WATER guarantees quick and easy water purification at all times.


ANOVET® CHEVAL WATER complies with the purity demands of drinking water disinfection according to DIN EN901 and is free of solvents, alcohol, aldehyde, dyes, perfumes, as well as preservatives. It distinguishes itself by its biological composition as well as its absolute compatibility.


ANOVET® CHEVAL WATER's range of effectiveness encompasses all aquatic microorganisms, specifically legionella and pseudomonads, as well as all fecal bacteria (e.g. E. coli and enterococci), independent from possible resistances.


ANOVET® CHEVAL WATER is therefore effective against all microbial loads that can cause diarrheal disease or have negative effects on the immune system.



ANOVET® CHEVAL WATER is added and mixed, proportionally to the amount of drinking water 5 minutes before consumption.


Dosage Recommendation:

Use 1 ml of ANOVET® CHEVAL WATER per liter of drinking water (0.13 fl.oz. per gal.). Therefore a 10 liter bucket of water only requires 10 ml (0.51 fl.oz. per 4 gal. bucket).




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